Join the team unlocking the power of sunlight to replace fossil fuels

Heliogen is developing the world's most advanced renewable energy technology and helping to solve the climate challenge – join us.

Our Mission

To empower a sustainable civilization and replace fossil fuels.

Breakthrough Technology

Invent. Iterate. Illuminate.

We are building the sustainable infrastructure of the future, using software to unlock the power of the sun. We’ve invented the world’s first Sunlight Refinery™ – a concentrated solar energy solution capable of concentrating, capturing, and refining sunlight into clean, abundant energy.

We’re committed to enabling a healthy and harmonious future for humanity and our planet.


Who we are

We are engineers, entrepreneurs, activists, astrophysicists, craftspeople, chemists, explorers, and everything in between. At Heliogen, we believe in using our combined strengths to renewably power our planet and empower a sustainable civilization.

Heliogen team careers jobs
Heliogen team careers jobs

Our Values

We are improving the world

We will deliver affordable renewable energy, more economically than fossil fuels, benefitting the entire global community.

We are bold

We are bold, persistent and challenge the status quo in order to achieve technological breakthroughs and a profitable business.

We value diversity

We value and pursue diversity in all its forms, and welcome ideas and input from everyone.

We treat everyone respectfully

We are respectful, transparent, and collaborative. We maintain a safe environment for the well-being and inclusion of everyone.

We welcome feedback

We are committed to feedback, continuous improvement, and  learning, so everyone can contribute their best work with passion and enjoyment.

Do you share our values?


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